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At Handyman 4 Hire we perform on a cost plus format, this is the cost to perform the work plus the cost of material. Since remodeling projects do not always go as expected you may experience additional cost if unforeseen issues arise. Although some individual projects may not cost much we do have a $75.00 minimum and a $35.00 trip fee, so it is beneficial to have a couple of projects completed at once rather than separately.

Small jobs can often be quoted over the phone, of course getting our eyes on it is always best. Materials are usually supplied by the customer, however we are more than happy to pick them up for you. Any will call items purchased on the customer’s behalf shall be reimbursed by the customer.

Large jobs that require more time and more than one craftsman are estimated accordingly and require a deposit. We accept cash, check and credit cards in person or Pay-Pal.* Credit card payments are easy and secure on Pay-Pal.

*A four percent transaction fee is added to all CC & PayPal payments.

Estimates and Work Projects

We offer free estimates for non-insurance related projects. Clients needing a detailed estimate for insurance purposes will be charged a fee that we are happy to deduct from your total if you hire us to do the work. A thirty-five dollar service fee is part of all jobs to maintain and cover transportation.

Our new fast estimate!

Simply email us photos of the project(s) you are looking to have completed to handyman4hire98@gmail.com and we will return you an estimate of what you can expect to pay. Please keep in mind this is just a quick suggestion and may not be a final price. A signed contract by the homeowner is necessary for all work orders.  You will be asked to pay a deposit prior to your project start date. This deposit will ensure your work order is on our schedule as well as cover any expenses that may come up.

CALL US TODAY 832-868-7197