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At Handyman 4 Hire we normally perform small and medium jobs by the hour which is $55.00 to $65.00 on average, but we can also charge a flat rate by the job. Some jobs are best charged at a flat rate. These are usually jobs such as hanging chandeliers, mounting wall TVs, installing a toilet or a ceiling fan, or other such involved work.

Here are some examples of services and prices that are often billed by the job:

Hall light installation: $75
Change toilet valve: $85
Bathroom faucet installation: $125
Hang ceiling fan (normal height): $125
Hang ceiling fan (second story height): $250
Install garbage disposal: $150
Install toilet bowl: $150
Install kitchen sink: $250-$300

Small jobs can often be quoted over the phone, of course getting our eyes on it is always best. Materials are usually supplied by the customer, however we are more than happy to pick them up for you..

Large jobs requiring more time and craftsmen are estimated accordingly and require a payment schedule. We accept cash, check and credit cards in person via Paypal.* Credit card payments are easy and secure on Paypal however,* 3 percent is added to all CC & PayPal payments to cover their fees. You will be asked to pay a deposit prior to your project start date. This will ensure your work is on our schedule as well as cover any expenses needed for start up.

Estimates and Work Projects

We offer free estimates however clients needing a detailed estimate for insurance purposes will be charged a fee that we are happy to deduct from your total if we do the work. A minimum thirty-five dollar service fee is part of all  work orders to maintain and cover transportation. 

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